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Artists, Musicians, DJ to entertain in religious ceremonies, cocktail parties, lunches or dinners for Weddings, Banquets, Corporate Events, Baptisms, Birthdays and other celebrations.


George McCrae

EventBalear Stars exclusive

george mccrae, rock your baby

Now and here with us you can get information about the booking of the
authentic and famous American singer - "George McCrae".

Imagine that one of the biggest stars of the years 70 / 80 can sing all the hits, including "Rock Your Baby" on the day of your event or wedding.

It Will be an unforgettable impression, listening to his voice, "Live" and just for you.

Gospel Music / Music a Capella

gospel music, music a capella

Authentic GOSPEL of U.S.A. Ideal for corporate events, weddings, and all kinds of acts in which you want to enjoy a gospel duo of quality.

Also interpreted a capella a repertoire full of items from various authors and styles with one thing in common: they are tunes that have been and will always be great successes.

Show amenización elegant and fun events.


D.J. party for your night

dj mallorca

It is a spectacle of light and sound fresh, fun and different from the hand of DJ's that will encourage professionals with the best songs of all musical styles. The music is varied, adapting to the tastes of the guests at the time.

» Team lights and professional sound, sound generation.

» Dj's expertise in all musical styles.


Guitarists - singers

guitarists mallorca, singers

GUITARISTS, offering Spanish classical, popular themes, Flemish or even parts of creation itself. It offers different formations and thematic depending on the type of event.

Available from A GUITAR, DUO, TRIO, until QUARTET QUINTET, for the religious ceremony, the cocktail and dinner.


Flamenco show

Exciting spectacle of flamenco with strength, grace, excitement, emotion ...

Shows with more FIESTERA as bulerías, tangos, rumbas, and so on. dancing with quality made with the heart and soul. Available in duet, trio to quintet.

A touch of flamenco gives joy to your events.


Authentic Flamenco

flamenco show

Authentic flamenco singing and dancing flamenco music with familiar topics and themselves. The performance is based on a well-known repertoire with a touch of rhythmic and very danceable.

No doubt a great time to enjoy flamenco live at a high level.


Spanish Rumba

It's a New Spanish Rumba - listen and do not miss it

A Spanish group Quarteto interpreting the rhythms of Spanish rumba. With the sounds more melodic and rhythmic rumbosos or more rumba is perfect for any event at any time. Enjoy the show and danced on their rimos.


Tunas for your event


A musical group of old clothes that interpret songs of Spanish and Latin American folklore with a cheerful and mischievous.

His songbook includes popular Spanish themes, as well as pasodobles and waltz, regional folklore and ect ...

Surprised and delighted every festival in which they find themselves.


Classical music

classical music, soprano

Soprano to entertain musically religious and civil ceremonies, wedding banquets, events, business lunches and dinners, or other private celebrations such as baptisms or communions singing a capella or with other instruments and groupings, such as violins, clarinets, flutes or a choir.

It has a vast repertoire ranging from Baroque to the music of our time. Ideal for listening to classical music quality.


Artists Solists

artists mallorca

We have a wide variety of artists, who may act alone - a cappella or with playback. Singers or instrumental for any occasion.

With very varied repertoire for all kinds of events and different styles of music: mainly issues of R & B, Soul, Pop, black music, popular music, lyric ...

Your can recruit the best guitarists, violinists, saxophonists, pianists, singers and so on., who will perform the animation of your event.


Orchesters / Party Band

party band, orchester in mallorca

How about a quartet instrumental? An exceptional jazz-group adaptable to any type of event and musical training either in trio, quintet, sextet .. etc. that every event is different.

His repertoire includes ballads, swing, blues, Latin rhythms ... adapting the interpretation to each environment.

music group, orchester

Music group that interprets issues of all kinds for all ages, especially for dance events (festivals, weddings, etc.) with a great reputation nationally and internationally. Select Education - orchestral quartets, trios, duos, Latin orchestras.

Its repertoire has themes Classics, Latin, Salsa, Pop - Rock National and International. Spectacle guaranteed.

party band mallorca

Imagine the best songs of all time by Aretha Franklin or Blues Brothers performed live by an excellent partyband.
With a repertoire very lively and varied music with continuously updated, and dancing for everyone - the international music of soul, swing or funky, the music of 70-80 years.

Music and spectacle total. Do not hesitate, success is guaranteed.

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