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Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands with some fantastic conditions for holding conferences, conventions, national and international meetings, as well as weddings and other private events.

The soft climate of Mallorca with clear skies, our beauty, our great history and our cosmopolitan atmosphere, make it a privileged place.

The International Airport is excellently communicated and situated Mallorca in two hours and half of the main European capitals.

Has a large number of museums, monuments and archaeological remains, exhibition halls and art galleries.

For those who are interested to buy in Mallorca can find from the most artisanal and traditional products to the most modern parts design, fashion and footwear.

Leisure in Mallorca offers one of the biggest attractions on the island: gastronomy has the most exotic and international / wide variety of entertainment venues, bars, nightclubs, shows, theaters and cinemas.

Has a great variety of accommodations, the largest in the Mediterranean and a wide selection of hotels, from small whit character, a large fully equipped complex for leisure.

Mallorca is very warm and welcoming island, is ideal for people around the world to meet, not only for work, but to relax, celebrate and enjoy anytime, anywhere on the island.

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